Guinot Creme Longue Vie Soleil (Anti-Ageing Sun Facial Cream)

We pay the VAT! Anti-Ageing Facial Cream for Before and After Sun
50 ml
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Longue Vie Sun Care Cream is the perfect anti-ageing cream for before and after Sun exposure.
It hydrates the skin and helps regenerate cells.
Helps soothe skin redness while making the skin visibly firmer.
To protect your skin, we pay the VAT on this product and you save 23%!

Active component

56 Cellular Ingredients with Hydrocyte Complex preserves skin hydration and ensures cell regeneration.
Tyr-Ol and Copper Gluconate helps bring about an even tan and makes it last longer.
Sucrolift instantly lifts the skin.
Babassu and Karity Butter Oil reinforces the barrier function of the skin.

Expert Advice

Apply to your perfectly cleaned face each morning before your SPF treatment. Reapply in the evening after sun exposure.



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