Guinot Four Pack: Hydra Fraicheur duo, Gommage Eclat Parfait, Masque Essential Nutri Confort (Exclusive Multi-pack)

This collection features Lait Hydra Fraicheur Cleansing Milk with Aloe Vera Extract, and Lotion Hydra Fraicheur Toning Lotion with Ginseng to deeply cleanse and prepare the skin. Gommage Eclat Parfait with Shea Microparticles works to deeply cleanse and exfoliate, leaving the skin beautifully soft and smooth, while Masque Essentiel Nutri Confort with its nourishing Essential Oils, intensely nourishes and restores comfort to the complexion.
4 pieces
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This limited supply value pack is only available during January 2022, and is strictly first-come, first-served.

With €33.75 off the recommended retail price, this is exceptional value and available exclusively from The Skincare & Hair Spa!

Pack contains:

  • Lait Hydra Fraicheur (200ml) — Cleanses and removes make-up, freeing the skin of all impurities. Softens and refreshes the skin. Takes care of the skin by keeping it balanced in terms of hydration.
  • Lotion Hydra Fraicheur (200ml) — Completes the skin cleansing, toning and refreshing process, while the skin texture is refined. Alcohol-free and foaming agent-free, this lotion enriches the skin with plant extracts.
  • Gommage Eclat Parfait (50ml) — Exfoliating Cream with Double Microparticles. Removes dead skin cells for a new and radiant skin, and it soothes and protects the new skin.
  • Masque Essentiel Nutri Confort (50ml) — Nourishing Face Cream that drenches the Skin in an instant Bath of Nutrition, with Essential Oils to boost radiance and nourish the epidermis. Immediately restores radiance and comfort

Save €33.75 with this Value Pack!


Four Pack

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