Guinot Hydra Summum Radiance Rejuvenation Trio (25% off RRP on Timeless Hydration)

Rediscover your Skin’s Radiant Glow
3 pieces
(RRP: €343.00)
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Introducing the Guinot Hydra Summum Radiance Rejuvenation Trio: Your Passport to Timeless Elegance, with 25% off RRP!

Elegance knows no age, and neither should your skincare. Embrace the journey of aging with grace and confidence, courtesy of Guinot’s exquisite Hydra Summum collection. Crafted with the wisdom of years and the innovation of modern science, this special offer package brings you the ultimate trio: the Hydra Summum Creme, Serum, and Masque. Elevate your skincare ritual and rediscover the radiant, youthful glow that is uniquely yours.

Erase Wrinkles, Unveil Smoothness: Hydra Summum Serum 30ml is your secret weapon against the visible signs of ageing. Its potent blend of Hydralogic Complex and Hyaluronic Acid plumps up and fills dehydration lines, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Feel the silky-smooth transformation as your skin regains its youthful resilience.

Indulge in Luxurious Nourishment: Hydra Summum Creme 50ml is a lavish feast for your skin. Its velvety texture glides on effortlessly, delivering precious ingredients to lavish your skin with essential nutrients, restoring elasticity and firmness, leaving it feeling soft, supple, and pampered.

A Symphony of Revitalisation: Elevate your skincare ritual with the Hydra Summum Masque 50ml. This opulent treatment is infused with powerful Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrologic Complex. It envelops your skin in a cocoon of hydration, revitalising tired, dull complexions into one that exudes luminosity and vitality.

Save €85.75 off RRP with this special offer!


Triple Pack

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