Guinot Lait Hydrazone Corps (Moisturising Body Lotion)

Moisturising Body Lotion – Comforts and Combats Dehydration
200 ml
(RRP: €55.00)


As light as milk and as active as a cream, Hydrazone Corps delicately nourishes the skin thanks to Argan Oil, and soothes even the driest of skin types.
Hydrates the skin with a velvet effect.
Softens the skin after a shower or a bath.

Active component

Argan Oil comes from the argan tree, also called ‘Tree of Life’. Argan Oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids. Up to 80% of Argan Oil contains essential unsaturated fatty acids. It is recognised for its extraordinary nourishing and regenerative properties.

Expert Advice

Massage gently into dry skin, once or twice a day after a shower or a bath.
Use Nutrizone Lift for the driest body parts.


Milk Cream

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