Guinot Perfect Trio: Creme Pleine Vie, Masque Anti-Rides Longue Vie+, Gommage Biologic (Your Perfect Winter Skin Care Collection)

Featuring Creme Pleine Vie!
3 pieces
(RRP: €260.00)
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This Skincare & Hair Spa exclusive contains the following youthful Guinot products:

  • Creme Pleine Vie (50ml), Youth Reactivating Facial Cream that slows the effects of ageing by compensating for the deficiencies of mature skin.
  • Masque Anti-Rides Longue Vie + (50ml), Regenerating Youth Mask for Face and Eyes, with a newly reformulated formula to treat the signs of skin ageing and help reduce wrinkles.
  • Gommage Biologic (50ml), Natural Exfoliant with gentle Fruit Acids, that removes dead cells through gentle keratolytic action to provide an effective ‘peeling’ treatment.

Save an incredible €52 off RRP with this perfect skincare trio!


Triple Pack

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