Guinot Triple Value Pack: Bioxygene Cream, Serum, and Masque (Protect Your Skin from Pollution)

Increase Radiance and Combat Environmental Irritants related to Lifestyle
3 pieces
Special sale!


This limited supply value pack is strictly first-come, first-served.

The ‘Bioxygene’ Care Pack is designed to deep clean your skin of the pollution caused by daily life, and to keep your skin clear and protected.

This exclusive pack from The Skincare & Hair Spa is exceptional value!

Pack contains:

  • Creme Bioxygene, Oxygenating Radiance Face Cream, 50ml
  • Serum Bioxygene, Detoxifying Skin Lotion, 30ml
  • Masque Bioxygene, Depollution Face Mask, 50ml

Save over EUR49 with this Care Pack!

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