Guinot Creme Hale Progressif Hydrazone Visage (Facial Cream for Progressive Tanning)

Golden Effect Moisturising Facial Cream
50 ml
(RRP: €46.00)


Hydrazone Sun Care is formulated with Hydrocyte Liposomes, water-laden microspheres that hydrate the epidermis intensively and are a permanent source of hydration.
Hydrazone Progressive Facial Tan Cream ensures a natural, progressive golden tan and visibly hydrates the skin.

Active component

DHA and Erythrulose assure a natural and progressive golden tan.
Hydrocyte Complex and Aloe Vera Extract provides the skin with intense hydration.

Expert Advice

Apply evenly to the face and neck each day until the desired level of tanning is obtained, then use every second day to maintain your tan. Wash hands after application.



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