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Our professional therapists provide a wide range of exceptional treatments to soothe, relax, and maintain your body's health and vitality.

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Full Body Treatments

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Exfoliation for soft, temptingly fresh skin that feels flawless.

Guinot Body Polish

A complete body exfoliation treatment to help eliminate dry flaky skin and refine the skin's texture. Exfoliation is followed by a body moisturiser, leaving the skin feeling firm.

35 minutes   €50

Thalgo Body Polish

The Thalgo body polish eliminates all dry skin, leaving the body soft and smooth. Recommended before going on holidays!

30 minutes   €50

Thalgo Indoceane Experience

The Thalgo Indoceane Body Exfoliation and Massage with Luxurious oils is inspired by India, the land of Ayruveda. This treatment involves a luxury full body exfoliation with Thalgo salt-infused ingredients and oil, and a full body massage using warmed oil. Relaxing and revitalising massage is applied using specific Indian-inspired movements, including the body's pressure points, to release tension and unify the body's energy.

60 minutes   €80
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“... after a couple of days I was fit to drop. Then I went in for a massage and I can't tell you how amazing I felt after. It was like floating on the way back home. I'm going to book again for next Friday.”


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Relaxation is fast becoming a lost art. Rediscover how good it feels to unwind and treat your body and mind to our range of refreshing massage therapies. 

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

This is an ancient art for a modern age. It encapsulates the therapeutic use of pure aromatic substances to provide a natural treatment method. These vital substances, known as essential oils, have curious and powerful properties that make them an invaluable help in creating the human being as a whole. They are extracted from the root stalks, leaves, flowers or fruit of the plant, and are considered to be vegetable hormones.

Essential oils have a large number of beneficial properties. They are antiseptic, anti-infectious, and effective against rheumatism and circulatory problems. They also help strengthen and balance the nervous system.

The treatment involves massage based on connective tissue over the face and body, working on nerve points. It acts on the whole system: along with the oils, the massage stimulates the lymph flow and relaxes the nervous system.

1 hour:   €75

Back, Neck and Shoulders

Similar to the Full Body Aromatherapy Massage above, but focused solely on the back, neck and shoulders, to un-tease and relax just where it's needed most.

35 mins:   €40

Indian Head Massage

An Ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation to combat daily tension and stress, this technique addresses the back, neck, scalp and face using a variety of massage pressures and techniques.

It is one of the most relaxing types of massages you will ever experience. Excellent for neck and shoulder tension.

Per treatment:   €40

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage encourages natural flows of lymph, and aids the process of returning waste from tissues back toward the core. Using massage and specific movements to stimulate this flow, a thorough treatment encourages the body to detoxify and helps maintain health.

Per treatment:   €75

Pregnancy Massage

A wonderful option for expecting mothers: our soothing, renewing Pregnancy Massage is a dedicated treatment that is both relaxing and helpful, focusing on the stress points at the back and legs.

Per treatment:   €75

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