Guinot Creme Longue Vie Mains (Anti-ageing Hand Cream)

Rejuvenating Hand Care Cream
75 ml
(RRP: €41.00)


Protects the skin against environmental irritants.
Keeps hands looking youthful.
Helps brown spots disappear.

Active component

Cellular Life Complex to stimulate cell renewal.
Melanoxyl to fight hyperpigmentation.
Vitamin E protects against environmental irritants (sun, water, etc.) due to its anti-free radical properties.
Liposkin nourishes and rebuilds the skin’s hydrolipidic film.
Hydrocyte Complex moisturises the skin.

Expert Advice

Use with Gommage Facile for exfoliating action.
Use with Whitening Serum for lightening cell infusion.
Use with Ecran UV SPF 30 for maximum protection.
Use with Longue Vie range for long life care.



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