Guinot Creme Red Logic (Redness Correcting Face Cream)

Neutralise Facial Redness on Pink, Reactive Skin
30 ml
(RRP: €76.00)


As soon as it is applied, Creme Red Logic neutralises facial redness with its soft, smooth texture to help make your complexion appear more even, restoring a more natural skin tone.
Enriched with venotonic active ingredients that protect the skin against vasodilation (dilation of the blood vessels) as a result of variations in temperature, it also has soothing plant extracts to complete the product’s anti-redness effect, ensuring an even complexion that is soothed and protected.
Neutralises the appearance of facial redness.
Soothes feelings of heat and skin discomfort.
Evens out the complexion and restores natural radiance to the skin.

Active component

Veinoderm, an exclusive Guinot compound, combines Arnica extract (reduces redness), while Esculoside is a vein toner.
Calendula moisturises and softens.
Epaline soothes the skin.
Aloe Vera to moisturise and care for skin.

Expert Advice

Apply using fingertips to sensitive areas of the face. Next, apply your care cream over face and neck. Use with Demaquillant Hydra Sensitive for gentle cleansing of the skin.



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