Guinot Masque Age Refill Summum (Anti-ageing Night Mask)

The Night-Time “Youth Elixir”
50 ml
(RRP: €118.00)


Offers triple-action to help activate the skin’s night-time regeneration functions.
Upon waking, signs of ageing appear to be erased. Your skin is visibly smoother, plumper, and denser. Dark spots are attenuated and your complexion looks radiant.

Active component

Phospholids allow active ingredients to more effectively penetrate skin.
Rambutan Extract stimulates elastic fibres and promotes firmness, to add density to skin.
Immune Complex protects collagen and elastin fibres.
Hyaluronic Acid plumps and smooths away lines.
Vitamin C helps correct pigmentation flaws and energises the skin.

Expert Advice

Apply a generous amount of Masque to thoroughly cleansed skin in the evening. Do not rinse. To be used as an intensive 3-day treatment.


Mask Serum

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