Guinot Huile Mirific Anti-Age (Anti-ageing Skin Oil)

Concentrated Softness for the Skin
90 ml
(RRP: €57.00)


Perfect in winter when the skin is dry due to the cold, and in summer after the skin has been exposed to the sun, chlorine, or salt water.
This multipurpose dry oil nourishes and illuminates the skin. It leaves a satin finish and gives hair more shine, due to a unique combination of precious vegetable oils and vitamins.
Skin feels soft and smooth.
Skin appears luminous and nourished.

Active component

Passion Fruit Seed Oil: due to its restructuring and nourishing properties, this oil softens the skin and leaves hair nourished and sleek.

Expert Advice

Use after a bath for soft skin.
After exfoliation, apply to the skin’s rough areas (elbows, knees and heels).


Dry Oil

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